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About Mining Silver LLC


Mining Silver LLC…dedicated to helping individuals and employers benefit from the talent of those old enough to retire.

Our Philosophy:
We believe in the value of the talent pool headed for and in retirement.  Those skilled and experienced employees have much to give—and would—if more creative, flexible approaches to the work were used. Our role is to provide relevant tools and services to encourage more effective use of this talent, both by the individual who has it and by employers who need it, and to help all retirees use this time of life meaningfully.

We partner as needed and are committed to maintaining the balance and beauty in our own lives both for our own quality of life and as an example of how to live the last third of life well.

Our Projects:

            Books:  Our list currently includes Bold Retirement:  Mining Your Own Silver for a Rich Life and Planning Tools for Bold Retirement (a workbook).  Supercharged Retirement (based on Bold Retirement) will be released April 1, 2009.  All are by Mining Silver CEO Mary Lloyd, who is currently working on a new book on alternatives to traditional retirement.

Living Silver, an entertaining, insight filled, one-day seminar on non-financial retirement planning, has been offered to the public since early 2008.  It can also be scheduled for groups within companies and organizations.

           Employer Services:  We provide consulting/coaching to businesses and organizations to help them define and implement innovative solutions for retaining key expertise.   We create customized seminars, facilitate problem solving sessions, and undertake team building efforts to make the changes work.

           Mary Lloyd is also available as a speaker.

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