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At this point, there arenít a lot of resources for helping people figure out what to do next. We want to change that. Mining Silver LLC is committed to providing useful tools to make the silver years the best years of all. We could create a lot of products and services that MIGHT make a difference. But if you tell us what you need, we both win. We know what would actually help and you get it.

Below are a few possibilities. If these arenít what youíre looking for, tell us what is. If you need more space please contact us.


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I am: planning retirement living retirement an employer

Books on how to decide whatís right for you

seminar on how to define your own best retirement lifestyle

    on DVD


    offered locally in person
book about finding paid work in retirement

book for employers on how to reshape work to attract retired expertise

clearinghouse for helping people with relevant skills connect with work opportunities that can be tailored to retirement lifestyle preferences.

resource website for volunteer opportunities

resource website for overseas and project work opportunities

Local support group that meets to work in these issues

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