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Youíre RetiredÖnot dead

What are you doing thatís exciting?

At first, retirement is about what you DONíT need to do any more. No more commute. No more getting up with the alarm clock. No more of the drudgery parts of your job. Once you donít have to show up at the assigned time every day, there is bliss. For a while. Maybe youíre still in that mode.

NOT isnít enough.

NOT doing things you donít like only provides satisfaction until the memories of what you didnít like dim. Then there has to be more. You need to be moving TOWARD something that appeals to you to keep the pleasure in your life. To do that, you need to know what it is.

Do you?

For many of us, this is new territory. What we need for a personally satisfying life once work is just an option has gotten lost in all the other needs weíve been focused on meeting for so long.

Sometimes, it takes a few years of retirement to grasp we have a right and responsibility to meet our own needs. But these needs are the core of who we are and addressing them is crucial to a meaningful life. Meaning generates passion. Passion creates energy. Energy provides lightóalso hope, enjoyment, and satisfaction.

Donít settle for ďwhatever.Ē

The good news is you can ALWAYS add meaning to your life. If you didnít have a clear idea of what you wanted to do the day you retired, you arenít doomed to a rocking chair forever. Figure it out now. Donít settle for ďwhatever.Ē Itís not that you have to know what makes you happy instantly and do it for the rest of your days. Itís that you need to keep looking for it, keep trying to stay on the bead of your own "true north."

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