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Things have pretty much been turned upside down.  Retirement is iffy.  Right now you may not even have a job to retire from.  If you can’t figure out what to do, whether it's retirement related or job search related, one-on-one attention might get you back on track.  Choose any or all.  Some now, some later.  Sessions are customized to meet your needs and typically include worksheets and feedback on them as well as the coaching session.


What Do I Want to Do Next?  
A one-hour phone session to review your plans or help you start making them. Can be repeated as often as desired. Can also be done via e-mail by arrangement.  

Price: $100


Finding Your Purpose and Establishing Your Brand 
How to find a job you’ll love by coming from your values and what you believe in.  How to make yourself stand out in the job market by defining your unique value. 

Price: $75
Job Search Strategy 
Finding a job is different for people over 50.  Coaching to help you develop a strategy that works for YOU. 

Price: $75
Killer Resumes for 50+ Job Seekers 
There’s a lot you can do to get past the idea that you’re “overqualified.”  Includes a resume review, consultation, and two rewrites.

Price: $100
Networking to find the job you want
Who you know is just the start. Coaching to help you expand your personal network and use social media to get what you’re after. 

Price: $75
Savvy Interviewing 
You know a lot, which means you need to know what to leave out and how to streamline what you include.  Coached practice helps.  Includes two practice phone interview sessions.

Price: $100
Outsmarting Ageism 
It’s everywhere, including in your own head.  Learn how to avoid playing into the stereotype and what you can do to neutralize “the age issue.”

Price: $75

If what you need is more unique, contact us to explore how we can help.

About your coach
:  Mary Lloyd has been helping people find the right track for over 30 years. She asks productive questions, points out inconsistencies that are getting in your way, and notices patterns you need to be aware of. She’s also dead set against cookie cutter solutions. Whatever time you choose to use with her will be tailored to your unique needs.

"When you can afford to not work all day every day, the real prize is not the leisure. It's the chance to begin again in a direction that reflects who you've become."

From Supercharged Retirement: Ditch the Rocking Chair, Trash the Remote, and Do What You Love
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