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Living where you want

One of the big deals about retiring is being able to live wherever you want. People plan for years, even decades to change where they live as soon as they retire. They want to move “somewhere warm” or "somewhere else" and have already decided “This is where I will be happy.”

But will you? Moving is not the delightful solution we sometime fantasize. Take this quiz to see how realistic you are about a permanent change in geography.

    T    F    I have no family ties to the area where I currently live.

    T    F    There is nothing about this area that I like.

    T    F    The weather is miserable all year long where I live now.

    T    F    I've been to the place that I plan to retire at every time of the year and in weather that made the news.

    T    F   My home life is stable and we can handle this move lovingly.

    T    F   It's okay to lose my friends where I live now or see them sporadically so I can live in the new place.

    T    F   Visiting or temporary stays of a few months at the dream location every year or two are not enough.

    T    F    It's more economical to live in that location than where I live now.

    T    F   Finding new resources--doctors, hairdresser, mechanic, etc—will be easy.

    T    F    I will be able to create a circle of friends there quickly.

Moving somewhere else is not a solution in and of itself. It just means you end up solving the problems you left behind from a new location. Make sure your move is part of an overall plan for what you want to do next. Live where you want, but live where you can do the things that are important to you easily. If you answered false to any of these, do more research before you call the moving van.

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