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Corporate Memory: Get it in writing...


Transferring an individualís contribution to the company's knowledge bank from his head to a written record gives broader, longer access to that knowledge. If the employee is interested in creating such a written record, itís to the companyís benefit provided:

  • Itís accurate--with relevant information (and without irrelevant info).
  • Itís well written in language others can understand. (Jargon is as deadly as poor command of the language.)
  • Itís done timely. Itís most useful if available soon after the retiree leaves.


Many key employees are superstars in areas other than written communication. Be realistic about whatís possible. You may need to team the person with the knowledge with a person with writing skills. This could be someone within the company (which means the side benefit of that person learning the information as part of the writing effort). If that isnít feasible, consider a college intern or a paid ghostwriter.

Contact us about projects to create written corporate memory.

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