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Mining Silver and Mary Lloyd are committed to facilitating the effective use of experienced employees, especially those eligible to retire. We offer resources for both enhancing and expanding the individual’s sense of the possibilities and helping organizations attract, retain, and effectively use this expertise.

"Experience drain" challenges do not have canned answers. We’re ready to help you define approaches that work for your organization, partnering with in-house resources and local outsource options to keep costs realistic and the ongoing effort sustainable.

If you are grappling with any of the following, we’d be delighted to team with you to find solutions that work.


Solution Strategies

Losing a key employee A customized Expert Agreement to maintain access this knowledge.
Large scale experience drain Mentoring programs; Corporate memory projects
Labor shortages Innovation to attract experienced workers
Outdated employment assumptions Presentations and customized seminars for management, hiring supervisors, and key employees to create awareness of new options
Need competitive advantage Brainstorm how to attract and use retired expertise

Find an effective way to keep key expertise available

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