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Retain key expertise with innovation

People donít become instantly incompetent when they reach retirement age. Many are at the top of their game and vital to the success of the business. But the flexibility and independence retirement offers them are important and well earned. Addressing those needs in innovative approaches that keep them on board in more flexible roles can give you a huge advantage.

Are your assumptions obsolete?

On site?
Does what you need from this employee have to be done on the premises? New technology makes offsite employment and innovative work arrangements completely realistic.

Ready replacements?
Baby boomers have made it an employerís market for four decades. They are now beginning to retireó78 million of them in the next twenty years. Are youíre going to be able to replace them with quality employees? There arenít as many workers entering the workforce and their education is significantly different.

Cost savings?
Thereís a reason younger workers cost less. They donít know as much. They canít handle the tough situations like the old pros. Are you really saving money by hiring inexperienced workers instead of finding ways to retain the employees who already know how to get the job done right and on time?

Are You Optimizing Your Existing Resources?
If youíre letting your best experience retire without exploring the possibilities for maintaining access to it, youíre wasting what you put into training them for decades. Explore the most critical transitions on your companyís horizons and find out what might work for your situation.

We can help.

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